The Book of Silver Linings

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Within the margins of an antique book, a timeless love waits for a young woman on the precipice of a terrible mistake in this enthralling exploration of fate and independence from the acclaimed author of Some of It Was Real.

Constance Sparks always says yes…when her capricious best friend needs money; when her boss gives her more responsibility without a raise; and when her boyfriend, Hayden, who is very kind but also secretive, asks her to marry him.

While planning their wedding—and struggling with anxiety about the right course for her future—Constance researches the history of her antique engagement ring and unearths the name of a man who might be connected to it, plus his tragic love story. When she finds a book of letters in her library’s old manuscript section written by the long-dead man, Constance is deeply touched by his words and leaves a note for him confessing her uncertainty and doubts. She’s shocked days later to find a response tucked among the pages.

As the notes continue to arrive, Constance finds herself quickly falling in love with a ghost and putting her real-life relationship in jeopardy. Will a bond based on letters impossibly sent from the past derail her future? Or will Constance discover her voice and risk everything for the chance to somehow connect with her true soul mate?

Critic Reviews

“Constance Sparks is a people pleaser. Whether it’s her boss piling on more responsibilities, her best friend needing money, or her fiancé rushing her to the altar, Constance finds it almost impossible to say no. The only place she feels truly comfortable is the animal shelter where she volunteers to care for rescue dogs. When her fiancé proposes, Constance pushes aside her doubts and dives into researching the provenance of her antique engagement ring, uncovering a book of love letters in the process. Entranced by the tragic love story unfolding in the letters, Constance pours her heart out into a handwritten note tucked into the pages of the book and is stunned to receive a response in return could she possibly be communicating with the original owner of the ring? Constance is an appealing heroine, and readers will root for her to come into her own and find her happily ever after in this heartfelt novel. Ideal for fans of Colleen Oakley and readers who appreciate moving, romantic relationship fiction.”

“Nan Fischer has delivered an impressive tour de force of a novel with a finely plotted storyline and a host of believable characters. She does it with great skill and aplomb while thrilling her readers with constant intrigue and escapism… She has a remarkable gift for capturing the mindset of her characters and, in doing so, displays an incredible visceral quality in her writing without ever losing control of the fast-paced plot.”
New York Journal of Books

Author Reviews

The Book of Silver Linings is a feel-good novel about freeing ourselves from the past and finding our way to a bright and beautiful future. Nan Fischer creates a realistic world with challenges and pain, while making sure her characters—and readers—never lose hope. This story truly does find the silver lining in life’s storms.”
—Jill Santopolo, New York Times bestselling author of Stars in an Italian Sky

“Magical, empowering and unforgettable! One woman’s fascination with the story behind her heirloom engagement ring changes everything in this wonderfully romantic story of self-discovery. If you’ve ever wondered if love can reach through time, this book is for you!”
—Jane L. Rosen, author of On Fire Island

The Book of Silver Linings combines some of my favorite things: romantic tension, a seemingly impossible-to-solve mystery, and helping rescue animals find their forever homes. But introducing questions I must have the answers to is Nan Fischer’s true superpower. Heartwarming, addictive, and oh-so-satisfying.”
—Tracey Garvis Graves, New York Times bestselling author of The Girl He Used to Know

The Book of Silver Linings is a novel that pulls at all the right heartstrings. While it hits all the mystery and romance sweet spots, it’s also a love story about living authentically and the magic that comes from trusting your gut and heart.”
—Kate Spencer, author of In a New York Minute

“Looking for an uplifting read with a touch of magic? This utterly charming, delightful, and captivating reading will have you falling in love with love’s possibilities.”
The Patriot Ledger (READ FULL REVIEW)

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