Some Of It Was Real

Coming July 2022

When Sylvie left her small Oregon town and shattered her adoptive parents’ dream that she take over their family pear orchard, her only plan was to find a life that fit. But after Danny, her roommate in San Francisco, dared her to place a psychic sign beside his tarot card stand, what started as a game turned into a calling that changed the course of her life. Now Sylvie’s a psychic-medium on the verge of stardom with a TV show in the works, but she has no friends except for her Great Dane, Moose, and suffers from imposter syndrome (despite myriad successes), and an ulcer brought on by fame and her agent’s shady directives.

Thomas hasn’t had a great year. His girlfriend bailed, he lives in a crappy rental apartment with Christopher Robins, his geriatric cat, and has one final chance to salvage his job as an investigative journalist after his last in-depth article veered into a disaster. He’s laser-focused on his new expose about grief vampires—fake psychics who feed off tragedy for profit. This one is personal. His mother is obsessed with contacting his dead father and Thomas foots those charlatans’ bills. So he sets a devious trap for Sylvie… and she falls right into it.

Desperate to save her career, Sylvie agrees to spend the week before her next show with Thomas to prove she’s not a fraud, through whatever means necessary. But when Thomas uncovers the lie Sylvie has been told about her birth parents, what starts as a psychological battle between the two turns into a quest to solve the mystery of Sylvie’s birth on a crooked path toward identity, purpose and the possibility of love… if both Thomas and Sylvie can figure out what’s real about themselves and their lives, and what really matters.

More information coming soon…